The Worst Picture of Me

I tend to look awkward in photos, like this one from Edible Book Festival IV (2009), that’s me on the right. I thought I would embrace my penchant for knowing exactly when to look ridiculous and share this image as a way of reminding you that we are just a couple weeks away from EBF-VI.

We will once again be holding a silent auction of each entry, with the proceeds to benefit the DUL Memorial Fund in memory of Helene Baumann. Bring your competitive spirit and start a bidding war for that incredible chocolate concoction that may or may not look like a damp squid.

You will also get to vote for your favorite entries in each of six categories: most edible, least edible, punniest, best student entry, most book-like (the item that looks most like an actual, physical book), and best in show. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category.

Join us on April 1st, 2012, at 2pm in the Gothic Reading Room in Perkins Library. If you have an edible entry, please bring it to the Gothic at 1:30 so we can get you checked in and take a photo of your entry for our Flickr page. Refreshments will be served.

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4 thoughts on “The Worst Picture of Me”

  1. I love this photo. Meg’s expression is priceless! Glad you’ve embraced it. I should get an Edible Book Festivus going at NBSS!

    1. Thanks Henry. I like Meg’s second head in the shape of Erin, too. There is so much about this photo that makes me laugh.

      I had a terrible cold that day, in fact I came into work only for the festival then left. I remember trying to sit as much as possible since I was feeling so bad….the photographer caught me mid-sitting-down I think.

      NBSS should DEFINITELY do an EBF! Pull it together man, you have less than a week!

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