Highlights from Our Student Survey

Here in the Libraries, we never stop trying to improve our game. To help us serve our students and faculty better, we conduct periodic surveys to understand how they view our services, spaces, and materials, and how satisfied they are with their overall library experience.

Back in January (Ah, remember January? Innocent, unquarantined January…), we sent out a brief survey to approximately 4,000 Duke students. More than half of them responded, evenly split between undergraduates and graduate students. Their answers were both gratifying (“Everyone I’ve interacted with at the Library has been absolutely wonderful”) and candid (“Improve signage to reduce the chaotic feel of navigating the library”).

Student Survey Graph
One way we measure how students feel about the library is to ask about their agreement with the statement: “For me, the library is a welcoming place.”

In a recent blog post, our Assessment and User Experience department unpacked some of the more interesting findings. Over the next few months, we will be analyzing the survey data and ultimately use it to make service enhancements, expenditures, and other library improvements. Feedback is what helps the Libraries grow, and the more input we get, the better we’ll be able to renovate, rethink, and refine our work—even during times of crisis.

Read the survey highlights and see what steps we’re already taking to improve.