How the Libraries Moved Duke Forward: A Report on the Campaign

In September 2012, Duke University launched Duke Forward, the most significant fundraising campaign in its history. The comprehensive $3.25 billion campaign supported strategic priorities across the university, with a goal of raising $45 million for the Duke University Libraries.

Generous hearts and minds responded to the call to make Duke’s Libraries the best they could be. Thanks to the support of our donors, we have raised (as of the time of this publication) over $63 million during the campaign—over 140 percent of our goal—a success that belongs to everyone who treasures and remains bonded to a great library at the heart of a great university.

As the stories that follow show, Duke Forward is already making an impact across every one of our strategic priorities, and its reverberations will continue to be felt for years to come. Across two campuses and the Duke Marine Lab, students and faculty gather in our libraries to exchange ideas, explore our collections, participate in cultural events, and experiment with innovative tools that enrich teaching and learning. Each one of them is part of the legacy of this campaign.

We are proud of the progress we have made over the last five years. We hope you will be inspired by a few of the outcomes highlighted here. But this isn’t simply the culmination of a years-long effort. It is a jumping-off point for even greater things we can accomplish together.

Spaces for Study and Community

How we re-imagined our physical presence on West Campus, with the completion of the Perkins Project. Read More >>

Building Distinguished Collections

How we expanded our historically strong print collections, those unique and high-profile holdings that distinguish Duke from other research universities. Read More >>

Technology for Faster, Easier, Better Research

How we invested in modernization efforts to accommodate the new ways our faculty and students teach and learn. Read More >>

Programs that Educate and Engage

How we showcased student and faculty work, our inspiring collections, and innovative spaces through public programming and social events. Read More >>

Supporting Experts and Innovators

How we recruited and retained the experts who will help our students and faculty blaze new paths in research. Read More>>