Rights! Camera! Action! Human Rights Film Series

A film series featuring human rights themed documentaries preserved in the Full Frame Archive at the Duke University Libraries. Each program will include a panel discussion.

Presented by the Duke Center for Human Rights, the Archive for Human Rights at the Special Collections Library, the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, and the Program in Arts of the Moving Image

Perkins Library, Biddle Rare Book Room, 7pm (except 13 July) 

November 3 No Umbrella and Please Vote for Me

No Umbrella Witness Fannie Lewis in action on November 2, 2004, as she struggles to manage a polling station in a predominantly African American precinct in Cleveland, Ohio.

Please Vote for Me A third grade class in central China has its first encounter with democracy when the students hold an election to select a class monitor.

January 26 Escuela

An all-American high school freshman’s experience is complicated by the fact that her Mexican-American family makes its living following the harvests from Texas to California.

March 16 Self-Made Man

The right-to-die debate goes west in this riveting portrait of a man and his family grappling with a darker side of rugged individualism.

July 13, Duke Gardens, Trouble the Water

A redemptive tale of two self-described street hustlers who survive Hurricane Katrina and become heroes