Governance and Funding

The recommendations in this report challenge libraries to engage much more deeply with partners beyond their campus, their region, and their continent. This is not a call for a centrally administered program, but there is an obvious need for coordination and communication. The optimal governance model will need to be determined and might include the Global Resources Network of the Center for Research Libraries, another existing organization, or an entirely new entity. Whatever the structure, it will have to be broadly inclusive.

Internal institutional reallocations of funds will be needed to support more ambitious digital projects and partnerships, and external funding will be required to make a difference in the speed with which global information is made available. Foundations, funding agencies, and international programs all have a role to play and will be asked to consider providing support. We should think broadly and internationally, not only of the U. S. foundations that have contributed so much over the years but to others such as The Arcadia Fund, Fundación MAPFRE, UNESCO’s Memory of the World, and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), all of which have demonstrated a commitment to preserving and making widely accessible global scholarly resources.

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