Commencement 2010 career advice

This weekend Duke will award about 1500 undergraduate degrees  during the university’s 158th Commencement exercises.  While many graduates will prolong their education by pursuing advanced degrees, some will enter a competitive job market.  Sure, a Duke degree should give these graduates a leg up on the competition, but just in case, job-seekers (and parents) might want to look to our Digital Collections for some additional career advice.

Below are some important tips for you to consider:

1. Parents, “germs are not visible–but they are deadly.” Do your part in the “worldwide fight against dirt” to make sure potential employers find your children spotless and with a “wholesome cleanly odor.”

2.  Ladies, take it from Mrs. B.: “Her drab, gray hairs were no tribute to her style sense,” but now, thanks to Clairol, “she holds a better position than she ever had before.”

3. Gentlemen, you can’t get away with it. “In these days of fierce competition to get and hold a job, can you afford to take chances with halitosis?”  The answer is no.

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  1. I love reading and watching older ads. They are so out of place in today’s society.

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