Visions and Designs from Bloomsbury

This month, we published a small collection of Bloomsbury Group-related materials in Manuscripts and Woodcuts: Visions and Designs from Bloomsbury. It features a handwritten, manuscript draft of Elizabeth and Essex by Lytton Strachey and a collection of woodcut illustrations by Roger Fry, as well as letters and book covers. This collection accompanies a Duke University Libraries exhibit on the Bloomsbury Group entitled “‘How Full of Life Those Days Seemed’: New Approaches to Art, Literature, Sexuality, and Society in Bloomsbury” that is part of a year-long celebration at Duke, Vision and Design: A Year of Bloomsbury,

3 thoughts on “Visions and Designs from Bloomsbury”

  1. Hi, all,

    Thanks so much for putting this together. Wonderful!

    However, please correct this error: It’s not Robert Fry; rather the man’s name is Roger Fry. Thanks!

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