Four-Minute Metadata Tool

I’ve been asked to do a four/six presentation on our metadata tool project for the OLE Regional Workshop Tuesday.  Here are my slides and presentation notes.

I like (love?) to point out that I started at Duke just over six years ago, and when I did, my job title was the only thing in the library with metadata in its name.  [See here where I pointed this out before.]

The situation has changed. Now Duke has:

  • Two metadata librarians (one from RMBSCL tech services, one from Cataloging)
  • Metadata Advisory Group (includes heads of RBMSCL Tech Services and Cataloging)
  • metadata support in the library’s strategic plan
  • Cataloging -> Cataloging & Metadata Services

Mwahahaha! My diabolical plan is proceeding according to schedule!

The change is largely driven by:

  • Digitization     but also …
  • Finding databases

First Law of Metadata:  Librarians create metadata

  • ILS model breaking down, but metadata continues to flow, like water to the sea
  • “It’s all metadata.”

Yet we have no platform for collecting metadata.

  • ad hoc:  spreadsheets, relational databases, structured text, markup
  • we secured strategic funding
  • committee, environmental scan, requirements, recommendations [Spring 2008]

Metadata Tool Project

  • Support for digitization and finding db’s (digital collections)
  • Hired two developers for 2-year term appointments starting in the new year

For more on the project, see here.

Big ideas. Think beyond support for dc program and

  • harness power of the first law?
  • work at consortium level?
  • solve everything?

For some blue-sky thinking, see here.

What are your ideas? Let us know.