What we are working on:

Integrating Digital Papyrology (IDP): IDP was an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded project that sought to bring data from the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, the Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Ägyptens, and the Advanced Papyrological Information System, under a common technical framework and editable under a public, open, peer-reviewed, version controlled, web interface. Initial development was complete in 2012. Fruits of that effort are visible at Ongoing enhancement, maintenance, expansion, re-design, bell-and-whistle-hot-forging, is a regular and important part of DC3 activities.

Integrating Digital Epigraphies (IDEs): IDEs is a newly formed research collective which aims to create a shared, trusted, and stable linked open data space for collaborative work in Greek and Latin digital epigraphy.

Linked Ancient World Data (LAWD): LAWD is an RDF ontology intended to fill in the gaps between existing vocabularies that make it difficult to publish Linked Open Data about the ancient world. LAWD contains classes and properties for describing texts, canonical citations, ancient and modern authors, and artifacts. It also publishes documentation on how to use vocabularies like CiTO, BIBO, Dublin Core, and CIDOC-CRM in conjunction with LAWD.

SNAP:DRGN: The Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Data and Relations in Greco-Roman Names (SNAP:DRGN or SNAP) project aims to address the problem of linking together large collections of material (datasets) containing information about persons, names and person-like entities managed in heterogeneous systems and formats.

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