Free Tableau Licenses for Students


Tableau is a data visualization software application that allows you to easily create and share interactive charts, graphs, and maps. While the free version of this tool, Tableau Public, has offered wonderful opportunities for generating and publishing data visualizations, there are file size and format limits that make it difficult for some researchers to use the public tool.

For some time, the company has had a program to offer temporary licenses to teachers and students who use Tableau in the classroom (Tableau for Teaching). Now, the company is giving full-time students free access to Tableau Desktop for one year.

With the recent release of Tableau 8 and its many new features, this is a wonderful time to start visualizing your data!

2 thoughts on “Free Tableau Licenses for Students”

  1. i need a student licence for tableau can any body help me plz

    1. You will have to work with Tableau directly to confirm that you are a student and should be approved for the free license.

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