New Data Visualization Services at Data and GIS

Data visualization has a long history, but disciplines employ visualization for different purposes and with varying levels of complexity.  Visualizations can be compelling or confusing, engaging or enraging.  For researchers without prior experience with visualization, the cost of incorporating new techniques into an existing research program may be daunting.

A stacked area graph.

The Data & GIS Services Department of Perkins Library can help with data visualization at various scales and in any discipline.  Angela Zoss, Duke’s new full-time Data Visualization Coordinator, has arrived and is available for consultation.  Her role will be to provide visualization support for the Duke University community and to help centralize visualization resources and infrastructure.

A U.S. map with a data overlay of circular icons.

In addition to the existing mapping services and visualization workshops that have been offered for some time, this fall will bring new visualization workshops, instructional material, and web resources to assist with various components of the research process (e.g., data processing and analysis, software selection, post production).  Look for information not only on producing visualizations but also on opportunities for showcasing visualizations and research across campus. Our new visualization twitter feed (@duke_vis) will also be used to circulate tutorials, example visualizations, and other news and events related to visualization.

A network visualization.

There is no better time to start exploring what visualization can offer!  Stop by Perkins during our walk-in hours or send an email to for consultation, or get in touch with Angela directly to learn more about the new visualization services.