What you find in the library’s drawers

Though vandalism is vehemently discouraged,  there are two marks left that are worth sharing.

The first one:

It reads:

“Studying here makes me  feel like the protagonist in Checkov’s  The Bet.  I love it. Surrounded by all this knowledge – isolated between books – I become so much more motivated.”

The second one:

It reads:   “I love the smell of old books, and the words left behind by students past.”

Things a librarian might appreciate:

  1. The Chekov reference.
  2. The correct underlining of Chekov’s short story title.
  3. The smell of old books
  4. Nice use of the comma.

What we can all appreciate – loving the library!  If you’d like to express your love of the library, books, the smell of books, short stories,  Russian literature, alumni or other delights, feel free to respond to this post instead of inking your devotion in a drawer 🙂

2 thoughts on “What you find in the library’s drawers”

  1. I love it that they spell Chekhov like the Star Fleet officer’s name instead : )
    And I’d love to know where you found these drawers.

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