Want to vote in North Carolina?

Enjoying the presidential and vice-presidential debates?  Been following the campaigns in North Carolina for Governor and U.S. Senate?  Ever wondered if you could register and vote in North Carolina?

As the general election approaches, here are some important things to remember:

  • The general election is on Tuesday, November 4.
  • The last day to register in North Carolina for the November 2008 election is Friday October 10.
  • In North Carolina, you only need to live in the county where you register for 30 days before the election.
  • This means Duke students are eligible to vote in North Carolina.
  • Check out this voting guide for Duke students that has much more information and links to other resources like the Federal Election Commission, the North Carolina Board of Elections, etc.

One thought on “Want to vote in North Carolina?”

  1. Duke’s Office of News and Communications also published this guide to Early Voting, which starts this Thursday, October 16. http://news.duke.edu/2008/10/voting.html If you missed the October 10th deadline to register, you can still register and vote before November 1. All Duke faculty, staff and students who are Durham residents can do this in the Old Trinity Room in the West Union.

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