What is The Link?

If you have been wandering around the Lower Level Perkins and see shocks of bright orange and magenta walls, you have found the Link! The new teaching and learning facility “links” flexible teaching spaces, technology services, and learning tools for the entire Duke campus as a collaborative effort between OIT, Duke University Libraries and Arts & Sciences.

The Link contains 6 classrooms, 4 seminar rooms and 11 group study rooms, as well as informal spaces for collaboration or individual work. It is open and available when Perkins is open. Spaces for classroom use are made through the Registrar’s office. Rooms not reserved for a class are open for both faculty and students on a first come, first served basis. The Link also has a Service Desk that has walk up technical assistance and serves as the distribution point for equipment available from the Duke Digital Initiative.

Besides new classrooms and equipment, the Link has new seating, study spaces, and even *gasp* windows in the lower level. Unlike the furniture in the Library, Link furniture is very flexible and intended to be moved around for your needs. Check out the new funky chairs or drag your study group (and even a rolling whiteboard) into one of the new nooks of the Link.

Link web site

Written by Cynthia Varkey

4 thoughts on “What is The Link?”

  1. The Link is marvellous place to look around while not yet known to many. Having a touch of comtemporary interior they really tried hard to search for the best.

  2. How much did the Link cost to build? I am doing a project on it and was just wondering! If anyone knows and could respond that would be great.

  3. Anne,

    The Link is part of the overall renovation of the library and classroom facilities that has taken place over the last few years, so costs for individual components of those projects are not available.

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