More Study Seating in Perkins-Bostock

In response to student requests, we are adding temporary tables and chairs to provide more seating for study on the first floors of Perkins and Bostock. As midterms are upon us and spring semester starts to rush to its end, we know that demand is at its greatest.

Can’t find a seat in the Carpenter Reading Room or The Perk at the Pavilion? Try one of these more out-of-the-way study spots:

    Lower Level 2 Perkins, with soft seating and wooden tables
    Lower Level 1, the connector between Perkins and Bostock, has a computer cluster and a few tables
    Bostock 4 has open carrels along the windows facing the Fitzpatrick center and some of the less-used group study rooms
    The Old Perk, located outside the Gothic Reading Room, is a great space for groups to meet and talk
    Tower Room 201 on Perkins 2 opens to evening student use towards the end of the semester, and is available during the day if not booked for library meetings

When the upper floors of Perkins open this coming summer, there will be an increase in study seating and group study rooms. If you’ll be here next fall, come by and stretch out.

Written by Phoebe Acheson