Bookish Applications for Facebook

If you spend all your time in Facebook, branch out from Scrabulous and movie trivia quizzes to take a look at some applications related to the library and books.

So far we’ve found:

WorldCat, the closest thing there is to a universal library catalog (for US users, anyway), now lets you search their public site directly from Facebook.


MiniLibrary, which does sort of the same thing except searching European National Libraries.

Books iRead, which allows you to add your books and rate them, and compare them to what your friends have. It’s sort of a simplified LibraryThing for Facebook, basically.

We hear that an application that will allow you to search the Duke Library catalog from Facebook is in the works; we’ll announce it here when it’s ready.

Have you found any useful and/or fun library, research, or book-related applications on Facebook? Give us a link!

Written by Phoebe Acheson

2 thoughts on “Bookish Applications for Facebook”

  1. I’m fond of the “Books” application. It takes up only a small amount of space in your profile, and it has a clean, user-friendly design. It lets you rate and review books, add them to a “favorites” list, and organize by what you have read in the past, what you’re currently reading, or what you plan to read in the future.

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