Cell Phones for Citation

A colleague in the library recently observed a student using a cell phone camera to make a quick “note” of the title page of a book, and the call number label. What a great idea! Very useful for people who are in a big hurry, but want to make sure they capture the full bibliographic citation of something they checked, and also want a reminder of the call number so they can come back for it. Much better than a scribbled post-it note that can be lost or undecipherable.

Plays, and More Plays.

Photo by absent.canadian from the Photo Scavenger Hunt – any interest in doing a new hunt in the new semester?

By Phoebe Acheson

3 thoughts on “Cell Phones for Citation”

  1. Oh yes, I commonly use my cell phone to take pictures of books, CDs and even things at Lowe’s! It really helps not only keep track of a citation or title but also helps me to save an image of something I may not be able to accurately remember or describe later.

    It’s a great way to store info and hopefully hang on to it since people tend to keep an eye on a cell phone a bit more carefully than a random piece of paper…

  2. The idea of using cell phones for citations is great. I haven’t done that yet, mostly because I use articles rather than books. However, I’ve been using the camera on my phone to take shots of schedules and opening times of places, like the gym’s hours or the Robertson bus’ schedule.

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