New Resource Finder Tip: Bookmarking

The new articles and databases Resource Finder has one functional change from the old: now, you can bookmark your favorite databases or searches as a way to save them. Look for “Save this Search”:


Click on “Save this Search” to see the full explanation:


What’s this Connotea we’re talking about? See this page about ideas for using Connotea at Duke.

Written by Phoebe Acheson

3 thoughts on “New Resource Finder Tip: Bookmarking”

  1. Has any Library hacker compared some of the pdf management sites, like Papers (for Mac) or Yep, or discussed how established programs manage pdf searches, etc (Google desktop search, zotero, Endnote)?

    See Judson’s NYT article today on zotero and papers.

  2. Actually, I’d really love a systematic comparison of bibliographic programs (online, desktop, both) and of programs that organize pdfs or a range of “objects”. Anything to promote seamlessness, easy mirroring among computers, easy searchability.
    And anything that could improve Duke webmail would be terrific! (What a wretched search function!).

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