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The Duke-SLP partnership – seeking design contractors for pilot website

In the 1960s, an unstoppable group of student activists partnered with black southerners to mount an all-out attack on Jim Crow. One person, one vote – that was the idea that drove them when they woke up each morning. In some of the most remote and forgotten areas of the deep South, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and local people risked their lives to secure the right to vote for all Americans. Fifty years later, that struggle is as central as ever.

Fannie Lou Hamer in Hattiesburg.
Voting rights and SNCC activist Fannie Lou Hamer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1964. Image courtesy of the Civil Rights Movement Veterans site.

The SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University are teaming up to chronicle SNCC’s historic campaign for voting rights. The pilot phase of that partnership, a project titled “One Person, One Vote: The Legacy of SNCC and the fight for voting rights,” will reexamine SNCC’s activism in light of current struggles for an inclusive democracy.

The OPOV pilot site will feature documents, photos, and audiovisual materials born out of SNCC’s fight for voting rights. From this material, SNCC veterans will use oral histories, critical curations, and featured exhibits to rethink the impact of their activism.

We’re looking for a talented, Triangle-based design team to help us connect the past to the present. Designers will create a WordPress theme that brings clarity and flow to the overlapping narratives of voting rights activism. See the prospectus for candidate contractors linked below. We’d like to make contact with you now, with a more extensive Call for Proposals to follow in May.



“One Person, One Vote: The Legacy of SNCC and the fight for voting rights” – Prospectus for candidate web contractors, Spring 2014