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Arrested Development

Has there been a funnier TV Show in the last 10 years? Even Family Guy can’t compare. Do you agree?

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: Certainly very funny, as is Family Guy (although as you may have noticed AP likes variety and avoids superlative ratings such as the best, worst, favorite, least favorite, etc.). Just sad that it ended.

Greek superheroes

Would Achilles or Odysseus win in a fight between the two? [3338A]

Well, Brad Pitt played Achilles in the recent movie Troy, and Kirk Douglas played Odysseus (actually, Ulysses) in the 1950s Italian movie Ulysses (you might call this an early sort of spaghetti western, with dialogue from Italian actors dubbed into English — they showed that to us when we studied Greco-Roman civilization in high school; we also saw the movie version of Kiss Me Kate when studying Shakespeare). Anyway, I just don’t think Brad Pitt stacks up.

biggest parade

What is the biggest parade in the US by people in attendence? Is it the West Indian Carnival in Brooklyn?

ANSWER PERSON RESPONDS: The West Indian Carnaval in Brooklyn is supposed to have at least 2 million attendees, so it likely is. Certainly in NYC, and so likely in the USA. Estimates of such crowds are notoriously fuzzy, so there’s no official winner. The Sao Paulo Gay Parade bills itself as the largest in the world: at over 2 million attendees.