Answer Person Retires

For the past 28 years, I’ve enjoyed answering your questions about life and the Libraries.  But, alas, it was time for me to retire.APonDP Over the years, I’ve been inspired by your curiosity, at times challenged by your obscure references, and always flattered that you were reading.  At other times, I must admit, I’ve been exhausted by the repetition (so many questions about a certain unofficial graduation requirement that’s supposed to be fulfilled in the library).

Some faithful readers might be curious about what I’ll do next.  I plan to travel a bit with a special someone and do all of the things I dreamed of doing while working.  For the immediate future, I’ve rented a cottage overlooking Inch Strand in County Kerry, where I paddle out to surf only when the waves are overhead.  Durham will remain home.

You’ll have noticed that I removed the question book from the lobby before leaving a few weeks ago; but I’ll continue to answer your online questions for as long as I’m able.  Now back to my pint.  Slainte!