Armchair philosophy

will you please explain to me what is “armchair philosophy”?

I’m sure that the designers for the La-Z-Boy company refer to their work using this term. It also refers to a sort of casual and untrained philosophy. You can look upon this in a positive populist manner, or as the work as an amateur (depending, I suppose, on how you view regular philosophers).

3 thoughts on “Armchair philosophy”

  1. Armchair Philosophy is referring to the Philosophy of a person who hasn’t necessarily had any formal education to back their OWN philosophy. So Armchair Philosophy is an off-the-cuff philosophy discovered through everyday experiences and expressed through the person who is experiencing it.

    Armchair Philosophy is YOUR philosophy, which is what you’ve come to know through your own personal experience and educational background and basically… the sum of what You know = Armchair Philosophy.

    In a forum type setting, (which we are adding to our forums) Armchair Philosophy will be simple, for those who really have no formal educational background in the History of Philosophy or the various Branches of Philosophy. Although all of us have our own philosophy we may not be able to support it with an academic background thus, Armchair Philosophy.

    Armchair Philosophy, could also actually encompass many people due to the combination of all areas of philosophy collectively becoming the Sum of What They Know = Armchair Philosophy! LOL, the Philosophy of Armchair Philosophy!

    One of the difficulties in with categorizing Philosophy is that no matter which area of Philosophy you talk about, they are dependent on other, if not all branches of philosophy. Therefore unless it’s a specific study of a certain branch it could be considered Armchair Philosophy.

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