As the Rubenstein Library moves out of our space in original West Campus library building, it also means we won’t be using the 1928 elevator to carry us through all seven floors of the building anymore. Inside the Elevator While I could never decide if I found this elevator endearing or frightening, I think I’m going to miss its old school charms.   It has a heavy metal door and a brass gate that need to be opened and closed by hand, as well as instructions on how to use the button and the door and gate.

Instructions on how to operate elevator

If you want a chance to experience the thrills of Otis yourself, here’s a little video of a trip from the third floor up to the sixth floor in our former home.

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2 Responses to Things We Will (Probably) Miss: Our Old Elevator

  1. Beth says:

    I made this sound cloud clip a while ago, so you can listen to its dulcet tones.

  2. […] I felt cool about being one of the last people to ever work in the rare books rooms or to ride the creepy old elevator hidden among the Rubenstein […]

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