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Move Diary: Week 3 (7/27/2015) by Duke Libraries - We’re 1/3 of the way through the move, huzzah! Here’s a look at what week 3 brought. Books have been getting new labels to show off their new Library of Congress call numbers: Cataloger Lauren Reno scans books from our History of Medicine Collections. Photo by Rachel Ingold.   We’ve been finding lots of beautiful books … Continue reading Move Diary: Week 3
Move Diary: Week 1 (7/11/2015) by Duke Libraries - We made it through week 1! Here are some sights spotted by our staff as we got down to work: The first truck of books returning home from offsite storage. We brought 9800 print items back this week. Our old now empty hold shelves. We miss our researchers and can’t wait to see them again … Continue reading Move Diary: Week 1
(Re)Encapsulating a Lot of Maps (6/11/2015) by Duke Libraries - Have you noticed that the most simple-seeming projects always turn out to be more complicated than you think? As part of our preparations to move our collections to our renovated library, we are trying to free up space in the flat files. Our flat files contain broadsides, maps, posters, artwork, etc. Many of these items … Continue reading (Re)Encapsulating a Lot of Maps
Tableaus of all kinds (6/3/2015) by Duke Libraries - Summer is gallivanting into Durham, and with it comes the promise of a new beginning for the Rubenstein, one involving fresh paint, new shelving, and a touch of tenacity. In a month, we’ll begin moving our materials and ourselves into our beautifully renovated home. Some Rubenstein spaces—like the Gothic Reading Room—will remain lovingly preserved, testaments to … Continue reading Tableaus of all kinds
Christmas Came Early (5/29/2015) by Duke Libraries - As many readers know, we lost our photo documentation room in November 2013 to a renovation-related flood. We got it back for a on December 15, 2014 only to lose it again to another renovation issue on January on January 29, 2015. Today we got it back, and this time for good (everyone knock on … Continue reading Christmas Came Early

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