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Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly) (12/18/2015) by Duke Libraries - During the winter break, we’re reconfiguring the Circulation and Reference Desks into a single combined library service point. With the fall semester now over, we are going back into construction mode to complete five small projects in Perkins and Bostock Libraries. The majority of the projects are expected to be wrapped up by the start … Continue reading Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly)
Grand Opening Tours of the Underground (10/3/2015) by Duke Libraries - Today is the grand opening of our renovated building. There are many VIP’s and donors here today to see the new spaces and to hear speeches from dignitaries. We gave a behind the scenes tour for 17 people. While it is more fun to have staff here during tours to talk about their work, it … Continue reading Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly)
Beyond the Blue Fence: Finishing Rubenstein (9/14/2015) by Duke Libraries - The construction fence surrounding Rubenstein Library. Although the inside of Rubenstein Library is now fully renovated and open for use, you may have noticed that, outside, construction vehicles and fencing linger on. In case you’re wondering, the blue fence around Rubenstein Library is hiding a new landscaping project that will take place over the next … Continue reading Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly)
Move Diary: Week 6 (8/16/2015) by Duke Libraries - Dear readers, take note: it’s now the end of Week Five of the move, and we’re pretty sure we’re all going to have massive and amazing biceps come Winter Break. This is because our manuscript collections are taking up residence in our new compact shelving. This kind of shelving moves on rails, so the shelves … Continue reading Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly)
Papyrus Project Final Update: It Is Finished For Real This Time (8/11/2015) by Duke Libraries - The papyri collection is finally in its new home in the renovated Rubenstein Library stacks. We successfully completed its move yesterday to the new vaults. Part 1 of this project started in 2010 as a proposal for a new housing strategy for the papyri. In 2012 the project began in earnest as we prepared the collections for the … Continue reading Back in Construction Mode (But Only Briefly)

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