Rubenstein Library Renovation Update: Nov. 11-25

Workers on the top floor of the 1928 tower. Follow @dukelibraries on Instagram or check out our Flickr site for more renovation photos and images from across the Libraries.

The work on Rubenstein library continues to progress steadily, as workers begin to conquer a new phase of demolition in the next two weeks. The exterior walls of the Biddle Rare Book Room on the first floor and the first lower level will be demolished in the coming days. This may lead to increased noise in the area of Perkins and Divinity School for a short period of time.

Free earplugs are available at the Perkins Library Service Desk on the first floor for library users who are bothered by the renovation noise. We thank you for supporting our progress and apologize for any inconvenience.

The second construction shift, working from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. will continue for at least the next two weeks, helping to ensure that the renovation project finishes on schedule.

Here is a preview of the construction work for the next two weeks:

1. Material hoist will be utilized to remove demolition debris.

2. Structural demolition will continue to progress downward through the stack levels (Stack Level 1).

3. Removal of existing Duke Stone at interior partitions.

4. Tower crane will be used to remove floor slabs along with other demolition debris.

5. Biddle Rare Book Room exterior wall demolition at level 1 and lower level 1 will continue.

6. 2nd shift will resume on 11/11/13 from 6 AM to 12 AM.

7. Excavate test pit on 11/11/13 at the West elevation.

Leaded-glass windows undergoing restoration.

In order to make all members of the Duke community aware of the major activities and potential noise issues associated with the Rubenstein Library renovation, we will be posting regular announcements of upcoming renovation work on this blog. If you have questions, please contact Aaron Welborn, Director of Communications, at 919-660-5816, or