Rubenstein Library Renovation Update: June 10-24

Rubenstein watercolor exterior

It’s official. The Rubenstein Library renovation has begun! Starting this week, library users and visitors may notice a marked increase in construction activity at the main West Campus library complex.

We’re making every effort to make the renovation transition as smooth as possible and to minimize disruptions to library services and spaces. But as with any major construction project, occasional disruptions are inevitable. We thank you in advance for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

In order to make all members of the Duke community aware of the major activities and potential noise issues associated with the renovation, we will be posting forecasts of upcoming renovation work on this blog every two weeks. The first two-week renovation forecast appears below. If you have questions, please contact Aaron Welborn, Director of Communications, at 919-660-5816, or


Rubenstein Library Renovation Two-Week Forecast (June 10-24, 2013)

Activities that will occur the next two weeks are as follows:

  1. Beginning Monday June 10, 2013, pedestrians, employees, and deliveries, will not be allowed to access the loading dock behind Perkins Library. Fencing will be installed Monday morning at the loading dock to permanently close the area. The stairway adjacent to the loading dock is for Emergency Exit only, not to be used as an entry to the building.
  2. Beginning Monday, June 10, 2013, pedestrians, visitors, and employees will not be allowed to enter the corridor through the brass doors adjacent to the Biddle Rare Book Room Suite. Access for authorized construction personnel only. The locks will be changed Monday morning. Also on this date no one other than construction personnel will be allowed to enter the construction zone.
  3. During the first two weeks, the construction crews will be completing the logistics required to secure the areas and prevent unauthorized entry. Signage will be installed to alert everyone.
  4. The windows on the North elevation of Perkins Library will be removed and temporary covers installed in the openings.
  5. The entry for the construction personnel will begin next week. This consists of removing the window, limestone, and Duke stone to create an opening approximately 10 feet by 10 feet on the first level of the building adjacent to the loading dock.
  6. Temporary partitions will be installed to separate the construction activities from the general public. The partitions will be installed at doorways and openings to prevent entry into Perkins/Rubenstein and the Divinity Library.
  7. The material hoist bay will have windows and limestone removed for the installation of the material hoist also next week.