And the Winners Are…


The top ten most checked out books for the previous year are:

  • The new Oxford annotated Bible : New Revised Standard Version : with the Apocrypha : an ecumenical study Bible
    The premier study Bible used by scholars, pastors, undergraduate and graduate students,The New Oxford Annotated Bibleoffers a vast range of information, including extensive notes by experts in their fields; in-text maps, charts, and diagrams; supplementary essays on translation, biblical interpretation, cultural and historical background, and other general topics. Extens… (see more)
  • The works of Saint Augustine : a translation for the 21st century
    — pt. 1, v. 5. The Trinity — pt. 1, v. 11. Teaching Christianity pt. 3, v. 1. Sermons onn the Old Testament, 1-19 — pt. 3, v. 2. Sermons on the Old Testament, 20-50 — pt. 3, v. 3. Sermons on the New Testament, 51-94 — pt. 3, v. 4. Sermons on the New Testament, 94A-147A — pt. 3, v. 5. Sermons on the New Testament, 148-183 — pt. 3, v. 6. Sermons on the liturgical se… (see more)
  • Basics of biblical Greek grammar
    First published in 1993, Basics of Biblical Greek is the most popular introduction to the field, used in universities and seminaries around the world. Over 200,000 students have learned biblical Greek under its guidance. This significant third edition has been carefully developed in consultation with instructors, students, self-learners, and homeschoolers. Users can now … (see more)
  • Elements of biblical exegesis : a basic guide for students and ministers
    In this revised and expanded edition of Elements of Biblical Exegesis: A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers, Michael J. Gorman presents a straightforward approach to the complex task of biblical exegesis. Designed for students, teachers, and ministers, this hands-on guide breaks the task down into seven distinct elements. For each of these, Gorman supplies a clear ex… (see more)
  • The peaceable kingdom : a primer in Christian ethics
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer works
    Here is offered the complete text in translation, annotated by the German and American editors. The historical context is explained and textual commentary is provided in a Foreword and Afterword.

    … (see more)

  • The Gospel of Luke
    This highly original commentary, part of the New International Commentary, is unique for the way it combines concerns with first-century culture in the Roman world with understanding the text of Luke as a wholistic, historical narrative.
  • Introduction to reading the Pentateuch
  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
    Achieving the right balance of amount of information, style of presentation, and depth of instruction in first-year grammars is no easy task. But Mark Futato has produced a grammar that, after years of testing in a number of institutions, will please many, with its concise, clear, and well-thought-out presentation of Biblical Hebrew. Because the teaching of biblical lang… (see more)
  • The politics of God and the politics of man.
    Human freedom – God’s omnipotence: how can they be reconciled? That question is central to this penetrating study of political action and prophetic function. Ellul’s answer to that question, though based on events recorded in the Second Book of Kings, is immediately relevant to contemporary issues and to the church today. Emerging from these reflections is an eloquent te… (see more)