QR Codes in the Reference Collection

Did you know that many of the books in the Divinity School library reference collection are also available online? To help you identify which reference works are available online, you will find little signs attached to the reference shelves with a “QR” code.

Find QR codes throughout the Divinity Library Reference collection.
Find QR codes throughout the Divinity Library Reference collection.

What’s a QR code? A “quick response” code is a barcode that can be read by a camera phone using a QR code reader app. Most smartphones and mobile devices have cameras that can “scan” QR codes. When you scan a QR code in the reference collection, you will be directed to the online equivalent of the print resource — saving you the time of typing in a long and unwieldy web address. For those users without QR code-reading devices, you will also find a shortened url you can use to access the e-resource.

There are several free QR code readers for Apple and Android devices. Recommended *free* QR Code Readers for Apple and Android devices: Scan & QR Code Simple (Apple only).

Some of the major online reference works include: Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion, Encyclopedia Judaica, New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary Series, Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, Encyclopaedia of Islam, Encyclopedia of the Qu’ran, Ante-Nicene Fathers/Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers, Patrologia Latina, Patrologiae Graecae, Encyclopedia of Religion, Religion Past & Present, and the Encyclopedia of Religion in America.

QR Code
QR Code for Religion Research Guide

You can pick up a full guide to the QR-coded reference works at the front desk or in the reference collection.

Note: Most of the QR-coded reference works are available to Duke users only and will require a Netid for full access.