BibleWorks 9 Workshop on February 12th

Jim Barr will be leading a workshop on February 12th on BibleWorks 9. The session will take place in Westbrook 0016 from 12:20-1:30pm. Bring your lunch and learn about this exciting research tool!

What is BibleWorks? BibleWorks is a specialized software program  for exegetical research and textual analysis of the Bible. The program contains 200+ translations of the Bible and is also loaded with lexicons and reference works to aid in advanced analysis of the text. BibleWorks is used by many students and faculty as an essential aid for exegetical research.

What will be covered in the workshop? This workshop will give you a thorough introduction to BibleWorks 9 and Jim Barr of BibleWorks will demo the program’s powerful search engine and advanced features.

After the session you will:

  • Understand how key tools and resources are integrated in BibleWorks
  • Learn many “shortcuts” and quick keys to speed up research
  • Explore maps, vocabulary flashcards, synoptics & diagramming tools
  • See the dynamic new Manuscripts Project and Textual Apparatus

What can you do in BibleWorks?

  • Perform simple or complex, context sensitive word searches on the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek Old and New Testaments, the Latin Vulgate, and a wide range of English and other national language Bible texts
  • Explore the morphologies and lexical definitions of Greek and Hebrew words
  • Gain instant access to lexicons and reference sources within the BibleWorks interface
  • Search through the resulting lists of verses
  • Do detailed statistical analysis of words, verses, custom strings of terms

How do I access BibleWorks? BibleWorks 8 is installed on all public computers in the Divinity School Library and on all machines in the Level D computer classroom. The software is also available to purchase for personal computers on the BibleWorks website.

Have questions? Ask a librarian for more information about using BibleWorks.