DVDs, Please: Fall Reading Period Distractions

Did you know that your Duke card will allow you to check out DVDs from Lilly Library? Lilly Library has over 18,000 DVDs covering a phenomenal range of film, from the popular to the esoteric. Whether you enjoy a good Film Noir, Science Fiction, or Romantic Comedy, Lilly has something for everyone. Need a suggestion? Check out Lilly’s Video Spotlights for some of the collection’s highlights on a wide range of genres. For those of you still rocking old school video systems (as pictured in the video command center below), Lilly also owns: over 13,000 videocassettes, over 500 LaserDiscs, and over 500 16mm films!

While you can’t request these to be delivered from Lilly, you won’t regret making the trek over to East Campus. Where is Lilly? Locate it here on the Duke University map.

Learn more about finding film in this Film & Video Resources guide created by Film Librarian, Danette Pachtner.

Image credit: Laser Discs in the Science Museum by Dave Patten.