Introducing (drum roll, please) the new KIC scanner!

The library is pleased to announce that the KIC scanner is now fully operational. The scanner is located across from the current periodicals shelves (in the spot where the old scanning station used to be). The KIC scanner has an intuitive touch-screen interface which allows you to scan books, images, and documents. The KIC scanner is currently set up to save to flash drive only. For further instruction on how to use the KIC scanner refer to: the Help Desk Guide (located next to the scanner), go to the Guide tab on the KIC scanner touchscreen, or ask a library staff member for help!

Quick Tips:

  • If you want to capture two pages in one image, select ‘Change settings’ (top right) and set to ‘Single Images’
  • In order to complete your 1st scan, you will need to respond to a copyright page. After that, simply touch ‘Scan’ or use the foot pedal to continue scanning
  • You can save your file in a variety of file formats. Be forewarned, that the ‘searchable PDFs’ option will take longer to save. Choose ‘Quick PDF’, if you’re in a hurry