And the winner is…

Thank you for submitting your favorite reason to come to the Divinity School Library in our ‘Top Ten Reasons Why’ contest.  The winner this year is Kathy Randall for her entry, “At night, when it is quiet, you can feel the other readers who have gone before you in the stacks.’

Other entries included:

1 Sometimes I just need to read the Bible in Croatian. (Adam Darragh)
2 At any given time, half the Divinity School is there. (Adam Darragh)
3 Covered drinks just taste better. (Adam Darragh)
4 With so many winding aisles, it’s easy to find a place to nap or live for an unspecified period of time. (Adam Darragh)
It has that old book smell. (Adam Darragh)
6 I have hidden a candy bar in the middle of Die Buchholzschnitte Hans Brosamers in Werken Martin Luthers und anderen religiösen Drucken des 16 Jahrhunderts. Have a go and enjoy the light reading!… (Adam Darragh)
Luba is Russian for Yoda (have you noticed how good she is with words?) (Adam Darragh)
8 If you study long enough, you may see Dobby the House Elf reshelving books (but the Th.D students get first dibs)(Adam Darragh)
No one has streaked though it–yet. (Adam Darragh)
10€ It is our gateway–our Labyrinth–and yes, Andy Keck is our David Bowie. (Adam Darragh)
11 We have golf pencils… (Andy Keck)
12 It’s a great place to hide in a carrel in the basement and get your work done. (Debbie Matthis)
13 I go to the Divinity Library because it is like a parallel universe. By comparison, the rest of the divinity school seems normal. (Miranda Harrison-Quillin)
14 Personally, I go to be terrified by the automatic stapler… it really gets my blood going. (Lindsey Groves)
15 It is the only place on campus to covet John Wesley memorial ceramics. (David Johnston)
16 Staircases that lead nowhere make good theological object lessons. (Matt Hauger)
17 They close at 5:00 on Fridays, so you don’t have to stay late studying. (Wes Johnson)
18 They pay me money to come. (Leigh Edwards)
19 The employees sustain dastardly injuries, and continue working, given their ravenous commitment to libraritude. (Aaron D. Jones)
20 Let’s face it… I’m in Divinity School, it’s not like I have a life. Where else would I go? (Tiffany Thomas)
21 I desperately need to hear about how Methodism is so much more practical than anything else. (Barbie Izlar)
22 Here is a terrific bathroom in a hidden back staircase. PRIVACY!
(Barbie Izlar)
23 I can run away from real life to the sort of ivory towers of Duke Divinity. (Barbie Izlar)
24 I feel so much better about my state in life after talking to the bald headed, broken handed, overworked librarians (Barbie Izlar)
25 I feel so much better about my orthodoxy when I listen to the people at the front desk. (Barbie Izlar)
26 A great place to “commune with the Saints” (Kevin Stefano)
27 It is the new headquarters for the Duke Divinity Singles Ministry … “Lucky Devil” (Kevin Stefano)
28 Christian Century rated it the #1 place in 2010/11 to see and be seen!! (Kevin Stefano)
29 I’ve experienced new hair growth in the stacks. (Kevin Srefano)
30 They let us play sardines in the Quartos. (Aaron Harrison)
31 EVERYBODY comes past the circulation desk, sooner or later, and it’s the fastest way to find people! (Darcy Knight)
32 It makes my heart strangely warm! (Kevin Stefano)
33 It is a great place to make out in a rainstorm (Anonymous)
34 Free 3×5 cards that elicit memories! (Kathy Randall)
35 There is original art displayed every month (Kathy Randall)
36 It is a great place to work! (Kathy Randall)
37 At night, when it is quiet, you can feel the other readers who have gone before you in the stacks. (Kathy Randall)
38 It’s spooky: perfect for Halloween. (Kathy Randall)
39 You are baptized into the Word here. (just like my baptism was remembered in York Chapel.) (Kathy Randall)
40 The printers in the basement don’t use up your print quota and there’s a study room where you can hear a pin drop – LITERALLY. (Jeremy Gilmore)
41 So that I can talk with my friends, living and dead (Dave Munden)
42 That John Wesley ceramic collection is AWESOME!!! (Jami Moss Wise)
43 You may find your soul wandering around the stacks. (Blake Daniel)
44 Not all who wander are lost… (Blake Daniel)
45 Well… beats the hell outta me. (Blake Daniel)