Does this still fit?

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Ever go to a shoe store, try on a pair of shoes and think, “Wow, these are great”? Ever wear those same shoes around town for a bit and realize that they are actually too tight?

After wearing them for a year or so, we’ve decided that the Digital Collections home page and [...]

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Duke University Libraries has posted a video highlighting photographs from one of our newer digital collections, Americans in the Land of Lenin: Documentary Photographs of Early Soviet Russia, 1919-1930

Watch the video on YouTube
(length: 2:44)

Special thanks to Joaquin Bueno and Eric Zitser for their work on [...]

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We recently posted a slideshow providing sample images highlighting what the Sidney Gamble Photograph collection looked like before we turned it into a digital collection.

The slideshow is included on a page (About the Photographs and the Project) that provides background information describing how the collection came to Duke.

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Since we are on a roll with team member introductions, I’ll take the blog for a spin and introduce myself.

I’m Thomas Crichlow, a Digital Projects Consultant/Web Designer at Duke University Libraries. I’ve worked with various portions of the Libraries’ websites since October 2005 and with the new Digital Collections system since [...]

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