AdViews, our collection of nearly 9,000 digitized vintage television commercials, is now available via the Internet Archive.  The videos had previously been accessible only through iTunes U.

Since we launched the first batch from the collection back in July 2009, the commercials have amassed over 2.5 million downloads and 700,000 previews [...]

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We are happy to announce the publication of the Russian Posters Collection, 1919-1989 and undated. The collection consists of 75 Russian posters, documenting almost 60 years of Communist political advertising.

The digitization and publication of this collection is timed to coincide with two public events, both of which involve Duke faculty using library [...]

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I’m happy to announce the availability of a beta version of our new Digital Collections web interface, the result of the Tripod2 project at Duke. Try it now! It will be available “in beta” for a few weeks at so you can give it a spin and tell us what you think.


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As we continue to develop our new discovery system/site for Digital Collections (codename Tripod2), dealing with format complexity is one of our biggest challenges.

One of the library’s major strategic goals is to “increase the Libraries’ capacity to create, acquire, and manage digital scholarly content in an increasingly diverse range of formats.”  We’re doing [...]

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We’re making good progress on developing our new Digital Collections web application & interface. For the past several weeks, we have focused on three key areas: item display, data modeling, and data migration.

Item Display

Here are some screenshots. What do you think?

Item Page

Collection context presented at side

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Here’s a first look at the new design for our Digital Collections site! Based on the blueprints from our initial wireframes, these designs include fully fleshed out HTML, CSS, images, and Javascript.

These designs focus on what we’re calling ‘portals’: useful starting pages for researchers to explore particular groups of items. These [...]

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Yesterday, I gave a guest presentation to a User Interface Design class at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information & Library Science. The presentation reviews our process for redesigning our Digital Collections web site: how we have assessed the current site, what we have learned, what tools we have used to help the process, [...]

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.prezi-player { width: 450px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

Duke Digital Collections Website: Analysis & Wireframes 2/3/10 on Prezi

This morning, I gave a presentation to our library staff to show and [...]

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At long last, here’s the final group of wireframes we’ll blog about for our site redesign project: the individual collection homepages. Here’s an annotated look at one of our current collection homepages:

View this feedback (Collection Homepage – Current Site) on Notable


Here are six possibilities (A – F). We’ve used [...]

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As we continue our redesign, we’re getting some really helpful feedback on our mockups for item pages. By all means, keep it coming! Here are some new prototypes for our search results screens, as well as our analysis of our current search results and examples of others systems we like. What do you [...]

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